Lubiatowo – a tiny little settlement in Pomerania, the Choczewo Community.

Even though it’s change quite a bit since I was a child, it is still as peaceful and private as ever thus far. No need to worry. The hustle and bustle, the gaudy banners and the queues are miles away from here.

With years passing by, Lubiatowo remains my ever favourite childhood memory. Here’s where the dream about this place was born, it’s where I decided to create an oasis of peace one day so that other children, like me back then, can run around and play, discover the world with their eyes wide open. If you and your close one are dreaming quite hopelessly about a safe haven for you all, here’s the answer. Not a busy resort all told, but comfy and quiet. Here, your aching soul will recover in no time, you’ll see. After the Giant Mountains, Lubiatowo is our second home.

We want our Guests to enjoy this charming place to the fullest. Here, Mother Nature is just within your reach. It caresses your eyes and soul, makes your heart beat still. It shall be the time of your life that you shall never ever forget. And we do cherish the hope that you’ll come back here, just like we did, after all these years, to create this place for you.

Owners - Dorota & Bartek

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Domki w naturze

Borówkowa 6
84-210 Lubiatowo